Monthly Questions: Mole and Gopher Removal Guide

Are Moles and Gophers dangerous to my pets?

If you witness small mounds of dirt popping up in your yard, chances are you have vermin. While not often dangerous, moles and gophers are more often accompanied by dangers that may affect your pet.

What does breeding season mean for me?

With Spring just around the corner, many of us are beginning to assess our lawns and the damage that winter may have caused. We should also begin to assess what is happening in nature during this time; breeding season could make for big trouble later on.

Top 5 mole and gopher removal myths

With Spring just around the corner, many of us are beginning to assess our lawns and the damage that winter may have caused.

Why do I have moles and my neighbors don’t?

Moles and gophers are pesky creatures and the worst feature about these vermin is how choosy they can be.

Moles, gophers, what’s the difference?

There appears to be a sudden influx of holes and mounds of dirt tearing apart your beloved lawn. There are many key differences between the vermin that have moved in.

Damage to more than just your lawn

While your yard may seem like the most precious thing to protect when it comes to moles and gophers, they can cause a lot more harm than you may realize.

How can I prevent Moles and Gophers?

Moles and Gophers can quickly become irksome pests. What is the best way to get rid of them?

Debunking WikiHow’s advice on how to kill voles

If you are looking for how to kill voles without killing yourself, it might be best to skip the WikiHow articles.

Hazards of DIY mole and gopher removal

Not only are many of these do-it-yourself methods ineffective, they can also pose risks to your children, your pets, and wildlife.

So you have pests in your yard, what’s the big deal?

So you’ve noticed pests in your yard? While you may not care so much about lawn, getting these creatures removed is still important. See how we can help.

When is a pest infestation most likely?

If you want to keep your lawn tunnel-free, read this information from LandCare on when gophers and moles are most active, likely to mate, breed, and totally ruin your property that way you know when to schedule removal services.

Can I use gopher repellent at home?

Don’t do it! If you’re asking ‘can I use gopher repellent?’ it’s time to call in the professionals. Repellents do not solve problems, they just move them.

Is using a Gopher Blaster worth the cost/effort?

It may be a fun toy, but a gopher blaster can set you back a minimum of $1,000. Before breaking the bank, consider the hazards.

What is digging holes in my yard?

If you see an influx of mysterious holes in your yard, it may have fallen victim to vermin. Check out our guide to diagnosing your pest problem.

Why do moles and gophers love my yard?

If you’ve noticed dirt mounds on your lawn, a mole or gopher may have recently moved in. Learn why moles and gophers may love your lawn.