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    Is your lawn being dug up? Do you have a mole or gopher problem? Are those pesky rodents tunneling through your entire yard? Call in the experts! LandCare Mole and Gopher provides year-round mole and gopher removal services in Salem and the greater Willamette Valley to keep your property looking its best.

    See the work we can do for you in order to keep your lawn mole and gopher free. Whether you are fighting to keep your front yard tunnel-free, or rescue your farm land, LandCare is here to help – no job is too big nor too small for us! We use custom underground traps to remove rodents quickly and humanely with minimal aesthetic damage. In order to keep you, your family, pets and your lawn safe from moles and gophers, contact LandCare today!. To rescue your lawn from harmful pests, call in the experts at LandCare.

    Send us an e-mail, or use any of the other LandCare contact methods below to save your property from moles and gophers.

    • 6221 Walina Ct SE, Salem, OR 97317
    • (503) 507-3238