Commercial Services

No client is too big or too small

We serve commercial clients across Salem and Western Oregon. We use custom drag systems on our ATV to level mounds on large acreage jobs. Past clients include some of the area’s largest grass seed farms, wineries, orchards and cemeteries.

Still not convinced? We understand, choosing a removal expert for a commercial mole and gopher removal project can be tough. At LandCare, we want our commercial clients to be well-informed about their selection and the mole and gopher removal process.

Many companies just send written reports, leaving you to take their word. LandCare provides every commercial client with photographic evidence of our work. See the reports we provide to commercial clients below.

Save time with custom report options

For larger projects, such as farms, orchards and vineyards, we create a confidential report that allows our commercial clients to keep track of which fields have been trapped and which ones still need to be trapped. Communication is a key part of our business; we work hard to make sure you understand our process. This report is for farms that have year-round service.

Curious about what we found on your property? Learn more about the process of mole and gopher removal with our Catch of the Day report. This report is for larger farms that have year-round service. Log in to your private customer page and watch us work!

Providing exceptional service for 20 years

LandCare Mole and Gopher has 20 years’ experience in serving the Willamette Valley. Clearing moles and gophers from your commercial property is what we do best. Using custom drags units, we quickly flatten mounds so you won’t have to level them yourself. As the sole provider of this service, you can trust that LandCare will never leave a mess for you to clean up.  Enjoy our fast service and specialized removal process.

Schedule a visit to assess your gopher, vole or mole damage today. Year-round large farm clients and property package commercial clients each receive a customized, confidential report so you can easily track the process of your pest removal.

A few words from our clients

“Since we enlisted the services of LandCare, our windrowing, harvesting and processing have gone much smoother.” – Doerfler Farms

“We use LandCare Mole and Gopher and are pleased with the results. They are successful at difficult, trap-shy gophers and moles.” – Ioka Farms

″Our spray applications go a lot smoother now.” – Lone Pine Orchard