How to Kill Moles Without Killing Yourself

6 mole traps you should not try

Mole removal is a job best left to the professionals. Do not be tricked by sites selling DIY mole traps and teaching you to kill moles yourself, most moles can simply close off a tunnel, rendering the traps useless. See our list of common mole trap schemes and steer clear of wasting time and money.

A giant explosion

The mirror scare tactic

Some sites suggest that moles and gophers don’t like to see their reflections, so putting mirrors or bottles in their holes will scare them away. If you try this at-home technique, you’re more likely to end up with a yard full of gophers and broken glass.


The gum gag

The theory behind using chewing gum to control moles and critters is this: some believe moles don’t like mint but love sugar. According to this myth, moles will be attracted to the gum and choke on it. If you use this method, you will surely not kill moles. Be prepared to hire an exterminator for your moles, and then one for your ant problem.


The flood and flee

Using water to flood out moles and gophers is a common suggestion. Unfortunately, many mole species are semi-aquatic and can travel long distances underwater, so flooding them out may not be an option. Moles and gophers can also block off a tunnel, stopping the water flow. This method will not help you kill moles. You may just end up with a big water bill and a muddy lawn.


The death-by-exhaustion

Not only is pumping exhaust into the ground a bad idea, it’s dangerous and likely illegal. Carbon monoxide is not a controllable poison. You run a greater risk of poisoning yourself, your family and your pets than of killing a significant number of moles and gophers.

What’s more, moles have been found to tolerate higher levels of carbon dioxide than other mammals, because their blood cells have a special protein. As a result, moles are able to survive in low-oxygen environments much longer. You may kill yourself before you kill moles.


The petrol poison

Unless you want to become a YouTube star for burning down your own yard, do not use gasoline for pest control. This is a highly dangerous and very expensive idea.


The big boom

Bill Murray notwithstanding, dynamite never works. Trust us.


How to really kill moles

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