So you have pests in your yard, what’s the big deal?

Sure, a yard covered in dirt mounds is not the most attractive sight, but maybe that doesn’t bother you too much. Do you really need to get those moles and gophers removed? The answer is yes. Even though you may think these pets aren’t all that bothersome, moles and gophers can create a slew of problems beyond ruining your lawn and need to be removed from your yard.


Moles and Gophers are diggers

As you have noticed, moles and gophers are crafty diggers and tunnelers. You may think all those dirt mounds are caused by hundreds of these creatures, but really the dirt mounts and tunnels taking over your lawn were probably created by one or two gophers. Each gopher can produce up to 30 mounds a month. Eventually, you will no longer have a yard as much as you’re stuck with a massive pile of dirt.

Not only does the digging result in an unattractive yard, but all those mounds are an accident waiting to happen. Their tunnels create mounds and other weak spots in the ground that can lead to injury in humans, especially young children, and other animals like dogs.

These creatures chew

Digging isn’t the only thing these creatures are good at – chewing is their next specialty. When they are digging, moles and gophers will eat and chew on anything that is in the way of digging their tunnels. These creatures will chew through everything they encounter underground, even phone and other utility lines. So if your power seems to go out for no reason, you can blame the gophers.

These pests also aggressively consume plant roots; so there goes the beautiful garden you have been working hard at growing. Moles and gophers are known to chew up tree roots so much so, that sometimes the tree is no longer supported and will eventually fall over. You thought some dirt mounds in the yard weren’t a big deal, but what about a tree through your roof?

They are preyed upon

Unfortunately, nature does take its course, and these pests are common prey for other unwanted house guests. Weasels, skunks, snakes, and other animals prey on gophers and moles, causing them to frequent the same areas. So while you think a few mounds in the yard is harmless, you will quickly change your mind when you realize along with them came snakes, rodents and other animals.

So what can you do?

Now that you know those little mounds of dirt can lead to much larger issues, it is time to get those creatures removed. For humane, lasting and cost-effective removal services, contact LandCare Mole & Gopher to clear your yard of moles, gophers and voles.