What is Digging Holes in My Yard?

Spring is in the air: beautiful blossoms, green grass and – oh no, what’s that? – giant clumps of dirt?! If you are wondering, “What is digging holes in my yard?” you are not alone. Springtime is a favorite for those pesky vermin called moles and gophers. If you are experiencing an influx of mysterious holes in your yard, it has likely fallen victim to rodents. But before you jump in and make matters worse it’s important to know what kind of critter might be lurking.


Different animals create different holes in the yard. If you can identify the hole, chances are you can identify the animal. You’ll know the mole mounds right away by the perfectly round hills of dirt. You can also spot the raised ridges where they have created tunnels. They can make a mess of your landscape and destroy any delicate annuals.


Voles, or field mice, are common pests and can be identified by “clean” holes. These animals do not throw dirt everywhere, so the holes will not have any excess dirt around the openings. Voles often build “runways” through fields or yards by eating the grass blades and ruining your lawn. If you notice a curious maze running through your grass, you can likely blame it on a vole.


Gopher holes fall somewhere in between moles and voles. They do not have outright mounds, but their holes are not clean either. If you find a moderate amount of dirt surrounding many holes, you can suspect gophers are at play.

If you are still wondering, “What is digging holes in my yard?”, it’s probably time to consult the experts. See our in-depth guide to diagnosing your vermin problem and then call us for a consultation.