Are Moles and Gophers dangerous to my pets?

Not sure if you have Moles or Gophers? If you witness small mounds of dirt popping up in your yard and your curious pets are digging and pacing around these mounds, chances are you have them.  Moles and Gophers are nuisances, but not often dangerous. While more concerned with eating worms or your beloved heirloom tomatoes, generally these rodents keep to themselves.


If you have curious pets like dogs or cats, you have probably noticed that they are now obsessed with these mounds. Moles and Gophers tend to keep to themselves and will not attack other animals unless threatened. Once threatened, they only try to get away from the animal and not become the aggressor.  Both Moles and Gophers have long digging nails and sharp teeth that can give any animal puncture wounds. Dogs can dig into their tunnels looking for these rodents and receive scratched or surface wounds.  Moles and Gophers can both carry the rabies virus, so you should vaccinate your pet or take them into immediate care if bitten.  Gophers can also carry the Monkeypox virus which results in the euthanization of your pet to avoid contaminating you or other pets.

Do not try to rid your lawn of these rodents with poison.  Most rodent poisons are harmful and deadly to your pets if ingested or if your family pet eats a mole or gopher who has already ingested the poison. To properly rid your lawn of these rodents, give us a call!