Top 5 Mole and Gopher Removal Myths

There are many varied methods to rid your lawn of moles and gophers.The only guaranteed way to rid these rodents from your lawn is to ask a trusted professional. However, if you are considering a do-it-yourself route, here are a few removal methods to stay away from.

Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum

Bubble gum, or more specifically Juicy Fruit, has been an urban myth for years. The myth states that moles hate mint but love sugar and will eat the sticks of gum and choke and die.  Moles however have small, pointy teeth and therefore lack the proper dentition to chew gum, so they cannot possibly ingest it. #mythbuster1


Just don’t. #mythbuster2


There are many draw backs to this method. First, the tunnel system has many corridors and can span an acre long, making the gas reaching the actual rodent almost impossible.  Secondly, the gas you are dumping into the tunnel quickly absorbs into the soil, before reaching the mole. Lastly, moles and gophers are able to fix oxygen at low partial pressures so they can easily breathe in conditions that would suffocate other animals. #mythbuster3


Many folks have tried the garden hose trick to flood out Moles from their tunnels. Many have called us after they were unsuccessful. Moles are a semi-aquatic species who can stay underwater for long distance of time. Since mole and gopher tunnels are quite extensive, they can stay underwater until reaching one of their many avenues of escape. #mythbuster4


Before you take a stripped extension cord and lay it down in front of the mole run, consider this: morning dew, night dew and rain. The moment you touch the exposed wire to move it, you are putting yourself at risk of electrocution, not the moles. #mythbuster5


We understand how frustrating these rodents can be, especially when you’ve put so much work into a beautiful lawn or garden. We ask that you be safe and be smart when trying to get rid of them. LandCare will gladly give you a hand to ensure moles and gophers are removed in a safe manner.