Damage to more than just your lawn…

Gophers and moles are no fun for any property owner because of the destruction and havoc they cause. No one wants a dug up, tunneled through lawn. While your yard may seem like the most precious thing to protect when it comes to moles and gophers, they can cause a lot more harm than you may realize. LandCare has all the information on what else the pests are destroying, and why you should call in the experts today!

Tree Destruction

Gophers and moles don’t just tunnel under your lawn, but they also burrow under those big, beautiful trees throughout your property. Their burrowing can expose and prune tree roots – which are all great ways to kill those precious trees. Gophers have been known to devour a tree’s entire root system, so that tall standing beauty eventually topples over

Insect Invasion

Gophers are heavily infested with other pests that can easily, and most likely, spread into your home or business searching for more hosts. These nasty creatures include lice, fleas, ticks, and mites and all of which are known carriers of disease. These parasites are not only dangerous to you and your family, but especially harmful to your furry friends.

Pet Problem

Gophers and moles definitely have the ability to bite, as seen by their incredible chewing skills. Despite their size, these creatures have strong jaws and teeth, and can definitely cause some harm to your household pets. Also, since gophers and moles frequently carry illnesses, so a pest lurking on your property can definitely pose a danger to domestic dogs and cats.

Despite just the aesthetic destruction these annoying animals can cause, moles and gophers can also cause some serious harm to everything else around your property. Keep your lawn, your family, and your pets safe by calling in the experts at LandCare today!