Why do I have moles and my neighbors don’t?

Moles and gophers are definitely pesty creatures and the most annoying feature about these vermin is how choosy they can be. Frequently, your beautiful green lawn gets eaten away by these critters, while your next door neighbors don’t have a single mole or gopher digging through their yard. So, why do you have moles and gophers and your neighbors do not?

The grass is always greener on the other side

Moles and gophers are wild and unpredictable creatures, therefore, where they choose to inhabit is not always easy to guess. However, food plays a big part in where these critters end up. Unfortunately, some properties have more abundant food sources than others, even if they are directly adjacent to one another. Also, properties that are surrounded by wooded areas tend to attract more moles. As a result, if you live in a fairly forested area, expect to see more moles and gophers than those living off the side of a main road.

The pest next door

Fortunately for you, moles and gophers pay no attention to boundary lines. So, if your lawn appears to be tunneled to shreds while the neighbors enjoy a meticulous front yard, things could soon be reversed. The neighbors probably do have moles and just don’t know about it yet, or there is not much visible damage. The digging and mound-process can be slow, which is why those next door might not know their yard is infested.

In fact, you and your entire neighborhood probably share moles. Moles and gophers have an average home-range of about one to two acres, and up to eight moles or gophers can live in one home-range. Thanks to Mother Nature, these vermin must dig through such a large area in order to meet their food requirements. As a result, many mole and gopher populations will continue to expand their tunnels, possibly right into your neighbors’ lawn.

Whether you have the pest problem, or your neighbors are suffering from a mole and gopher infestation, your best method of control is to consult the experts. See our in-depth guide to diagnosing your vermin problem and then call LandCare for a consultation.